Hi, I'm Aaron!

I'm a young entrepreneur based in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I happen to have autism. My passion is building LEGO® sets and art pieces. I build store display models for the busiest LEGO® Store in Canada and have just recently launched my portrait business using genuine LEGO® bricks with help from my family and supports. I'm excited to launch my small business so I can put my talents for organizing, following patterns and being precise to good use around taking your photos and turning them into amazing ART Mosaics!


Friends and family helping Aaron launch his business

Too often people with disabilities are not valued for their contributions in community. Our goal is to help Aaron live a full and meaningful life where he is valued for his real gifts and contributions. Developing his passion into a small business gives Aaron a life much like any other citizen is afforded - he has a job to go to, things to accomplish and feels good about a job well done.  Aaron's Brick Art business helps him to offer a meaningful and creative service to his community that brings people joy and inspires. We are excited to see Aaron grow as an entrepreneur and give him an opportunity to contribute and help him feel proud of what he has accomplished.

Send us your digital photo and we will create an amazing Brick Mosaic to share with family and friends.